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Our Network

We are constantly marketing PropertyNet.SG which in turn brings viewers to view your property. You are welcome to tap into our hard work & network. We don’t mind at all.

If you could and 

Clean System

We qualify all listings before putting them up onto our platform – making sure all listings are genuine to keep our system clean. This adds authenticity to our listings which in turn gives confidence to our viewers looking at your properties. On top of that, you can masked your contact details and let us (the professional) screen through your calls before diverting the leads to you – saving you irritations & nonsense from unscrupulous callers.

Expert Support

Congrats! You have found your prospect! But do you know how to carry on from there? Fear not! You can contact us to guide you through the documentation process. We welcome call for help at 6100 1344 or you may Text/Whatsapp us at 9834 3222 at no cost. However, if you feel better with us (the professional) completing the documentation process for you, we can do it for you at a tiny fee.

Sounds good? But what’s the catch? What’s the charges?

It’s FREE!!! 

Service Fee applies only if you are open to prospect buyer/tenant introduced by a Real Estate Salesperson. It is your choice.

I am ready to list my property!

Tips on Listing My Property

  • Tidy up your place before taking photographs of the interior. This will make your place more attractive to prospective buyers/tenants.
  • Provide as much information you can regarding the property so prospective buyers/tenants knows if the property are suitable before making an appointment to view your property. Information which are useful will be:
    1. Distance to MRT?
    2. Any reputation schools nearby?
    3. Pool view? Unblocked Views?
    4. Newly Renovated? Condition of Property?
  • Price the asking price slightly above your reserved pricing. It’s easier to bring the price down to close the deal than bring it up to close the deal. However, avoid pricing it too high, you may scare your potential buyer/tenant away.

Property Guide 101

Need more tips? Check out our Property Guide 101 to selling or renting out your property.

If you find marketing your property too much of a hassle or want to secure a better deal, engage our service.

“As the saying goes, do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

You are right. Let the Professional do the job.

Advertising Terms & Conditions:

  • You are responsible for ensuring that the listing details & photographs describe the property accurately.
  • If you are not the owner/landlord, you are responsible for obtaining agreement from your client to advertise the property.
  • For real estate salesperson, you must comply with the CEA Advertising Regulations.

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