Stressed that you did not manage to sell your HDB after 3, 6 months or more?

We can help you sell your HDB fast without compromising on the price.

– Our clients have sold their HDB flat quickly and at a good price –


But before that, they went through the same problem shared by many owners and, perhaps, you.

They have engaged the wrong agent the first time. 

✘ Your agent is not responsive enough, not hungry and have no sense of urgency or simply just an agent using the same marketing tools as every other agent. 

✘ Your agent is their friend who is not experienced. He/She has tried his/her best, but he/she does not know the right thing to do.

With such agents, it is not surprising that too few serious buyers came to view and make an offer for your property.

– What you can expect from us –

Power Up Marketing

We go beyond simply listing your property for sale at multiple listing platforms. We put in marketing dollars to push your listing to your buyers, constantly staying on page 1 of listings platforms and appearing on social media.

Dressing Up to Kill

1st Impression matters. We provide advice and assistance to declutter the house, stage the house and prepare the house for the show. Professional tools are deployed to create stunning photos and videos to attract buyers to view your property.

Time is of the Essence

We pride ourselves in our ability to sell your property in a very short time frame. So, our exclusive agreement with you lasts for only 1 month. If we failed to perform within that 1 month, you are free to kick us out.

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