CEA Regulation on Advertising

Estate agents and salespersons must also comply with the following requirements in respect of any form of advertising including name, calling or any other cards:

  • they must not cause or allow to be made any advertisement that contains any offer, proposal, statement, representation, claim or information that is inaccurate, false or misleading;
  • they must ensure that all materials that advertise or promote a property accurately describe the property;
  • any claims of expertise, specialisation or success rate can be substantiated by verifiable facts and records;
  • they must obtain the prior agreement of the client before advertising any property of the client for any purpose, including sale or rental;
  • they must not advertise any property at a price or on other terms, or in any manner, different from those instructed by the client;
  • the advertisement shall not include any transaction information about any specific property (including the name of the parties, the sale and purchase price, rent payable and any other terms of the transaction), without the consent in writing of all the parties to the transaction, regardless of whether the salesperson or estate agent had been involved in the transaction;
  • the advertisement and its placement shall not directly or indirectly infringe any law or legal rights; and
  • they must remove all advertisements in relation to a property once the property is no longer available for sale or rental for whatever reason, or after the termination of the estate agency agreement in respect of the property.