David Ng

David Ng

Associate Director
CEA Registration No. R046979G

David Ng personally has more than thirty-four years of experience in living in various types of property as an owner and a landlord. The day starting to own his HDB flat, rent HDB, rent a new TOP condominium, rent a Resale condominium, lease an apartment, and own a private apartment. He shares with you the true life of experience living and leasing in the real estate journey. 

He can advise you on how to source property market information. Guiding you to read the market trend, and retrieve market data. He can update you on the current property development on the government land and the real estate developer plan.    

You can gain a wide variety of real estate knowledge before deciding to sell your property, buy a property, or choose to rent a property. More information, help you to do your research and planning on these different types of properties before you make a better purchase decision.                                                                    

You are always welcome to reach David. Let’s have coffee with him to get more insight. See you!