Elaine Ang

Elaine Ang

Associate Division Director
CEA Registration No. R005819C

With a wealth of experience spanning three decades across diverse industries, I am Elaine Ang—a seasoned professional with a unique blend of expertise in banking, insurance, and real estate. Over the course of my 12-year tenure in the banking sector, I honed my financial acumen and developed a keen understanding of economic trends.

My journey into the world of real estate was a serendipitous one, catalyzed by a desire for growth after 20 years in the insurance industry. Faced with a crossroads, the encouragement of my loyal clients motivated me to obtain my housing license. This pivotal decision not only redefined my career but also solidified the trust and enduring relationships with clients who have remained with me throughout my real estate journey.

Believing in the power of confidentiality and attentive listening, I have built a reputation for being a trusted ally in the real estate landscape. As a conduit between landlords and tenants, I ensure that the interests and conditions of both parties are met, fostering a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship.

My commitment to advocacy extends to tenants, negotiating on their behalf and striving for fair compromises with landlords. Sellers benefit from my dedicated approach, where I endeavor to secure the best possible prices for their properties through meticulous viewings and strategic advertising.

Understanding that each client has unique concerns and needs, I leverage my multifaceted professional background to tailor my approach accordingly. My clients find confidence in my ability to comprehend their intricacies and deliver tailored solutions.

Collaborating with a stellar agency, I am equipped with robust support to effectively market your properties. My career is intertwined with people—the lifeblood of my profession. With a genuine passion for connecting with individuals, I am dedicated to navigating the intricate realm of real estate with professionalism, empathy, and unwavering integrity.

In choosing me as your real estate partner, you not only gain access to my extensive industry knowledge but also benefit from a collaborative, client-focused approach that has stood the test of time. I am Elaine Ang—your trusted advisor in the dynamic world of real estate.