After the sold out of Hundred Palms Residences within 7 hours, strong take-up is seen at other Executive Condominiums.

Within two weeks from 15 July 2017, a total of 242 Executive Condos is sold, leaving only 1,235 units of ECs.

The below chart shows the number of available units as of 29 July 2017 & the total number of units sold for each project two weeks from 15 July 2017.

ProjectsRemaining Units as of: 7/15/2017Remaining Units as of: 7/29/2017Units Sold in 2 Weeks
Hundred Palms Residences5310531
Westwood Residences26818
The Brownstone372314
Sol Acres74659
Signature at Yishun25823721
The Criterion22619531
Parc Life32728839
The Visionaire1117536
iNZ Residences22418044
Total without HPR14771235242

Note: Bookmark our List of Executive Condo with unsold Units for future updates on available EC units.

With no EC land sales and only one upcoming EC in 2018, the supply of Executive Condo will be squeezed, and EC buyers will be left with limited choices.

To avoid disappointment, buyers who are interested in making an Executive Condo their next home is encouraged to make their purchasing decision soon.

For details of each Executive Condo, you may click on the highlighted project name to go to their individual project pages or click here to visit our Library of Executive Condos.

And if you are wondering if you should consider getting an Executive, here are a few articles for your reference:

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We wish you a pleasant journey in getting your ideal home =)