Since 2013, when we first started promoting Executive Condominiums, we have been hearing clients mentioning that Executive Condos are expensive and getting expensive. Can you buy it or not?

Today, we shall review the performance of those “expensive” Executive Condos we have marketed and hope our findings will help you make a better decision in your real estate journey.

“Expensive” Executive Condo

For this study, we will be looking into Executive Condos that obtained their MOP in 2020 and 2021.

Here are the condos and their respective TOP date and estimated Launch PSF:

Project TOP Date Average Launch PSF
The Amore28-Nov-16798.71
Sea Horizon 7-Oct-16806.45
SkyPark Residences10-Aug-16802.81
Lush Acres30-Jun-16806.7
The Topiary22-Mar-16722.29
Twin Fountains14-Mar-16736.17
Citylife@Tampines 3-Feb-16787.3
Heron Bay7-Oct-15733.56
1 Canberra 19-Sep-15673.45
Twin Waterfalls 2-Jun-15732.57
The Rainforest6-Mar-15778.27
The Tampines Trilliant6-Feb-15765.26

Over 99% of EC Transactions Made Profit

Based on 1,780 resales transactions of the 17 Executive Condos analyzed, an astonishing 1,773 transactions made a profit, and a mere seven resales transactions made losses.

In other words, 99.61% of the transactions made a profit, and a mere 0.39% made losses.

Project Profitable Transaction Loss Transaction
The Amore511
Sea Horizon 540
SkyPark Residences881
Lush Acres600
The Topiary1861
Twin Fountains820
Citylife@Tampines 820
Heron Bay1181
1 Canberra 1670
Twin Waterfalls 1950
The Rainforest1130
The Tampines Trilliant1530

Decent Profit

All of the 18 projects analyzed earn a decent average profit of at least S$200,000 with an average annualized return of at least 3.03%. Over 80% of the resale transactions made a profit of at least S$200,000, and 78% of the resale transactions have at least an annualized return of 3%.

Based on the average of the 1,773 profitable transactions, the average profit is S$292,699, and the average annualized return is a remarkable 3.72%.


Fun Fact:

Citylife @ Tampines has the highest average profit of S$406,198 and the highest profitable transaction at S$1.376 million! The Amore has the highest average annualized return of 4.63%.

Project Average Profit Average Annualized Return
The Amore265,9634.63
Sea Horizon 269,5933.47
SkyPark Residences362,1074.41
Lush Acres290,5163.59
The Topiary340,6564.42
Twin Fountains209,5003.12
Citylife@Tampines 406,1984.1
Heron Bay292,9533.36
1 Canberra 245,0833.33
Twin Waterfalls 298,4383.82
The Rainforest277,7133.45
The Tampines Trilliant306,4243.74

Negligible Losses

For the 0.39% resale transactions that made zero profits or losses, four units made “zero profit”, and three were sold at a loss of not more than S$17,500. Those “zero profit” transactions have a holding period of fewer than three months, which may imply invalid transactions.

As for the three loss-making transactions, for your reference, here are their losses:

Project Address Profit (S$) Days
Lakelife2 Tao Ching Road #09-XX013
The Amore55a Edgedale Plains #10-XX0108
Ecopolitan128 Punggol Walk #04-XX-10,5122,986
Ecopolitan130 Punggol Walk #10-XX-17,500750
Sky Park19 Sembawang Crescent #13-XX056
The Topiary11 Fernvale Lane #23-XX-9,8551,516
Heron Bay63 Upper Serangoon View #15-XX014

Does higher PSF affect the profitability of the Executive Condos?

Lining up the average launch price against their average annualized return, we cannot observe any special relationship between launch PSF and the average annualized return of the Executive Condos.

Lake life, which has the highest launch PSF (also the newest EC in this study), has an average annualized return of 3.84%, which ranked it as one of the top 6 Executive Condos with the highest average annualized return.  

EC Launch PSF vs Returns

Another point we can note from the findings above is that despite higher PSF, the average annualized return is maintained at above 3%.

Moving Forward

Today, the launch PSF of Executive Condos are higher than in previous years. But it is important to note, the fundamental reasons why Executive Condominiums remain an attractive choice remain intact.

You may review our previous sharing on why Executive Condos are an attractive choice:

Henceforth, for buyers eligible to purchase a brand-new Executive Condo, who can wait out the building time and have plans to stay for more than 5 years in the Executive Condo, we strongly recommend you to consider Executive Condominium. You may keep track of the available and upcoming EC at

And you are welcome to reach out to us with any matters relating to Executive Condos. We are always happy to share.

Edwin Goh

Edwin Goh

With his love for numbers and data, Edwin has provided valuable insights to his clients and readers to empower them to make better-informed real estate decisions. 

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