Canberra? Where? Australia?

It is not surprising if there are not many people who know where Canberra is in Singapore. It is a relatively new town in Singapore, with its first condo development completed in 2013 and its first HDB flat completed in 2016.

Being a new town, or some, in the past, even call it “ghost town.”

Can the private condos there make money?

Digging through the profitable and unprofitable transactions within 1km of the two new launches, The Commodore (launching soon) and The Watergardens at Canberra, here are our findings:

Project Profitable Unprofitable % Profitable Transaction
Yishun Emerald 79 8 91
Yishun Sapphire 227 47 83
D’Banyan (999 yrs) 21 0 100
The Nautical 122 11 92
Canberra Residences 87 11 89
Eight Courtyards 145 6 96
The Sensoria 47 4 92
Seletaris 195 68 74
All Projects 923 155 86

On the whole, 86% of the owners have sold their homes with a profit. 6 out of 8 projects have close to and over 90% of their owners making a profit.

Can make money, but how much? S$1 is also profit ma…

Let’s dig further.

The lowest profit that an owner has made is S$600.

In contrast, the maximum profit made by an owner is a whopping S$868,800.

Surprisingly both owners are from Eight Courtyards.

Project Min Profit Max Profit Avg Profit
Yishun Emerald 8,000 580,000 261,687
Yishun Sapphire 760 684,000 206,005
D’Banyan (999 yrs) 52,000 499,712 206,671
The Nautical 7,500 252,000 95,060
Canberra Residences 1,000 280,740 90,052
Eight Courtyards 600 439,550 152,616
The Sensoria 13,000 868,800 271,760
Seletaris 1,070 830,000 220,842
All Projects 600 868,800 183,825

Most owners make an average of around S$180,000. 6 out of 8 projects have their owners making an average of S$150,000 and more.

Regarding opportunity cost, the owners of the analyzed projects realized an average annualized return of around 3.89%, with the lowest average annualized return at 2.11% by The Nautical and highest at 6.83% by The Sensoria.

Project Average Annualized Return (%)
Yishun Emerald                   2.79
Yishun Sapphire                   5.47
D’Banyan (999 yrs)                   4.37
The Nautical                   2.11
Canberra Residences                   2.45
Eight Courtyards                   2.30
The Sensoria                   6.83
Seletaris                   4.84
All Projects                   3.89

Based on the above three metrics, with an average of 86% of owners making a profitable transaction, an average profit of around S$180,000, and an average annualized return of 3.89%, Canberra is the upcoming estate that savvy home buyers should not strike off from their list. Furthermore, upcoming transformations around Canberra will further enhance its land value, giving home buyers more reasons to get into Canberra to reap their rewards in the future.

Keen to be one of the owners making a good profit in Canberra?

Check out the two new launches in Canberra – The Commodore (launching soon) and The Watergardens at Canberra; they could be the next home that makes you your pot of gold.

Like to find out the performance of certain projects, write to us at hello@, we’d be happy to assist you.


Edwin Goh

Edwin Goh

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